Berts Automotive Differential Service & Repair

At Bert’s Automotive, we offer differential service for your vehicle. This includes the inspection, removal, and repair of damaged gears, as well as the replacement of fluids. Your gearbox operates under high amounts of stress, as well as heat. Your gearbox fluid is a protection because it provides the needed lubrication for your gears, as well as your shafts and bearings.

Vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that you replace your differential fluid at least once every 40,000-50,000 KM because the chemistry of the fluid breaks down gradually over time. Our differential service will protect your car against failure of your bearings and gears. It also will prevent premature wearing of the gears, and overheating.

Berts Automotive Differential Service & Repair includes:

  • Removing and inspecting the fill plug
  • Inspecting the drain plug
  • Flushing the old oil in your gearbox
  • Reinstalling the drain plug
  • Filling up the differential with new high quality gear oil
  • Reinstalling the fill plug

At Bert’s Automotive, you will appreciate the expertise and speed that comes from the experience of our master mechanics and certified technicians. You will also enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that their skills and reliability inspire. Your wallet will also appreciate the reasonable prices. Come to Bert’s Automotive today for all your Driveline and car care needs, and you will see that reliable and honest car technicians DO exist!